Sunday, February 17, 2008

Huge Travel Savings by Becoming a Travel Agent

Be your own Travel Agent

At first I was a skeptic like anyone else would be, then I decided to join WorldVentures because a friend of my fiancee was so convincing in telling me what great deals there are when you become your own trvel agent. Well let me tell you that the first trip I used my Travel Agent discount I saved over what it cost to join WorldVentures. Here is how it works:

I paid $399 to join WorldVentures and you can too by signing up under my account and click on Sign Up Now!

Then sign up for Both DreamTrips and LTC for $399

After you complete the sign up process and tak a quick test, you will then enjoy Huge savings when calling the hotels directly and asking the hotel if they extend travel agent rates. Some hotels may ask that you bring your Agent Verification letter with you.

They will as you for a few details to confirm you really are a travel agent, and once that is done, you will experience the savings I did. Here is what I saved on my first trip after signing up.

$399 Cost of WorldVentures
$179 per night (regular price was $418 per night in a hotel in Sonoma California)

I saved $478 instantly using my travel agent ID.

Now this is only good for yourself. If you want others to save money also, ask them to join WorldVentures. If they do not want to join, direct your family and friends to book all of their travel at your very own WorldVentures travel booking web site which is exactly the same as your business URL but has a .com at the end like

It is that easy. Signup today and save on ALL of your future travel needs.

If you have any questions, you can email me at jetjack[at]